Really enlightening story! Bad pun. I applaud these women for their integrity, and it's heartening to hear of their commitment to ethical practices. The way the word "shadow" is misused calls to mind the shadow that Peter Pan folded up and put in his pocket. It's tempting to roll our eyes at people who fall into spiritual bypass, but I get it. I have actually longed to pull off a such a magical escape--it sounds rosy and wonderful. But all my spritual practice (ALL) has thrown me smack against the walls of my trauma history. Healing can be brutal, grueling work. From a divine perspective, I'm probably lucky that I've never been able to get away with inauthenticity. From a human perspective, a spiritual bypass might be a nice vacation. These people really deserve our compassion. The disillusion, when it comes, will be so hard for them.

Writing in the space of healing and spirituality.

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