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Developing intimate connection with even one other person can create fertile soil for social transformation.

Taking a Load Off at the Cemetery

When life is stressful, the stressed become…paranoid.

I Googled “pissed-off grief.” Apparently, “professionals” find it to be “unhealthy.” But what if it’s all you got?

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You can’t fail at self-care. If something isn’t helpful, maybe you haven’t yet found your own way.

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There’s always a good reason why we respond to trauma the way we do. Healing means being gentle with ourselves as we understand why.

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The cure for shame is to be vulnerable with someone else who is equally vulnerable.

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Our creative and spiritual energies come together in healing to restore the whole self, over time.

Helen W. Mallon: On Healing and Spirituality

Years of healing, years of spiritual seeking. Together, they bring transformation. Co-Editor, Collective Power

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